User Permissions

User Permissions allow you to invite users to your Dashboard while restricting their access to specific games, and limiting them to read-write or read-only access on a game-by-game basis. There are two types of users in ChilliConnect:

Admin Users have full access to the ChilliConnect Dashboard and all games. Only admin users can:

  • Invite new users
  • Delete users
  • Set billing and company information
  • Edit standard user permissions
  • Add or edit games

Standard Users are limited to specific games, either as read-only or read-write. As it’s possible for Admin users to delete other users and add new users (including other Admin users), it is recommended to add as few admin users as possible.

Inviting New Users

New users are invited using the Invites menu option in the top-left dashboard menu:

Invite Menu

When inviting a Standard User, it is possible to define what games the user can access, and also if they have read only or read and write access to each game:

Invite Dialogue

Users with read only access are unable to make any changes to game configuration, settings or player data. Read only users are also unable to communicate with players. When adding a new game, it is also possible to define what standard users have access to the game:

Add Game Permissions

Editing User Permissions

To edit permissions for an existing user, Admin users can select the user from the Users list in the top-left menu:

Edit User Permissions