Scheduled Events

Scheduled Events allow you to conditionally set in-game Catalog definitions based on Player Segmentation properties that are applied withing a specific time window. For example, running a "double rewards" weekend event, or providing free gifts to players that log in during a holiday season.


To create a new Scheduled Event in ChilliConnect, select top level the Live Ops menu option followed by the Events option. Use the "Add Scheduled Event" button in the top right to bring up the form.

Scheduled Events empty list screen


The details tab captures basic configuration information for the Scheduled Event, including the name, description and initial status.

Scheduled Events add details screen

Name A descriptive name for the Scheduled Event
Key A unique Key that will be used to refer to the Scheduled Event in API calls
Description Optional additional text that can be used to capture more information about this Scheduled Event


The segments tab allows you to filter the Scheduled Event to specific groups of players.

For more details see Segmentation.


Overrides allow you to easily define changes to the Catalog. Items can be added, removed and updated. Overrides are automatically applied for Players when retrieving the item definitions or downloading the Catalog package file. This means that no additional logic is required in your game to support overrides.

For more details see Overrides.


ChilliConnect will compute any possible conflicts with the Overrides and existing Campaign Overrides. If conflicts are found you will be presented with options on prioritising the Campaigns.

For more details see Campaign prioritisation.

Custom Data

Custom Data allows you to define arbitrary, free-form JSON to be attached to the Scheduled Event definition. This JSON can be retrieved at run time from your game via the GetActiveCampaigns call, providing a convenient place to add any small, extra data to the Scheduled Event.


All Scheduled Events are displayed in the dashboard. Filters in the top right of the screen can be used to show only those in the specific state.


Details of a specific Scheduled Event can be viewed by selecting the Scheduled Event from the list.



The edit button in the top right of the Scheduled Event page can be used to modify the Event. Event metadata, segmentation criteria, prioritisation and custom data can be modified. Due to the Event possibly being in use in current sessions it is not possible to modify Overrides.

Stopping an Event

It is also possible to stop a Scheduled Event from using "Stop" button in the top right of the event view. Note that stopping a Scheduled Event will prevent it being available for assignment for new Logins, but Player sessions with the Event already applied will continue for their duration.