Release Notes

11th January 2021

  • Fixed a bug in Messaging where an incorrectly sized message would not return a validation response.
  • Admin API fixed incorrectly documented endpoint for ListScripts call.

9th December 2020

  • Fixed a bug when copying from an existing AB Test and making edits to the Test Groups.

20th November 2020

  • Added Login endpoints to the Game ACL.
  • Fixed an issue that could mean that AsyncMultiple matches were not timed out at the first time of trying.
  • Performance and reliability improvements.

9th September 2020

  • Push notification sending improvements.
  • Increased the Catalog import maximum size.

29th July 2020

  • Performance improvements for importing large Catalogs.
  • Fixed an issue with validating Catalog references during import.
  • Fixed an issue with getting Facebook profile pictures for some profiles.
  • Performance improvement for some Dashboard player searches.

20th May 2020

  • Updates to how Matches are viewed on the Dashboard. Direct MatchID navigation added.
  • Various Catalog improvements
  • Bugfix for the creation of Scripts via CreateScript AdminAPI.
  • Bugfix for the Leaderboard Reset Script Event Data.

1st May 2020

  • Fixed mismatched error codes when hitting Account Restrictions in SDK.
  • Various Catalog and Player Attachment improvements.

3rd April 2020

  • Metrics Chart Dashboard page restructure.
  • Fix for Matches rarely remaining in "Active" state beyond desired expiry time.

17th March February 2020

  • Adding the concept of Player Contexts to Event Scripts to expand the functionality of Cloud Code.

27th February 2020

  • Fix for Live KPI processing.
  • Limiting amount of Active Matches that Player can join.

19th February 2020

  • Introducing Leaderboard Reset Scripts. See documentation.
  • Limiting amount of Ranked Scores per Leaderboards.

5th February 2020

  • Correction to the display of Metrics Segmentation.

3rd December 2019

  • Cloud Code functionality (Add, Edit, Publish, Get, List, Delete, Run) now available through AdminAPI. See documentation

3rd December 2019

  • Cloud Code functionality (Add, Edit, Publish, Get, List, Delete, Run) now available through AdminAPI. See documentation

12th November 2019

  • Scripting SDK v2.15.0
  • Metrics module available to the Scripting SDK. Calls AddEvent and AddEvents. Add Metrics events from Cloud Code Scripts. Note these calls require a Metrics session to be present, which will be available to API, and most Event Scripts. See API documentation for more information.
  • Dashboard. Easily duplicate AB Tests, Permanent Overrides, and Scheduled Events - use the "Copy to New" when viewing the Campaign to be copied.
  • Connect - various optimisations and improvements.

16th October 2019

  • Admin API v1.1.0
  • Metrics module added to Admin API. New calls: GetExports and GetDefinitions.
  • Metrics scalability and reliability improvements.

30th August 2019

  • New Admin API. Create, Edit, Delete Items, Import, Publish, game Catalog. See documentation.

15th August 2019

  • Detailed diff view when importing or publishing Catalog
  • Fix to prevent old scores being used on re-created leaderboards

25th July 2019

  • Leaderboard Partitions Dynamically sub-divide a single leaderboard into partitions, making it easier to have multiple leaderboards stores with the same configuration.
  • Leaderboard Resets The ability to configure a leaderboard with a reset period has been added, allowing more flexibility in when working with time based events in leaderboard, such as tournaments and time-limited events.
  • Dashboard - Updated the Catalog Import diff view to accurately display which items have not been changed.
  • Dashboard - Various formatting fixes for A/B Test KPI table view.

26th April 2019

  • Unity SDK reliability improvements for request retry.
  • Unity SDK v2.9.15

1st April 2019

  • Cloud Scripting fixes and reliability improvements.

25th March 2019

  • Dashboard performance improvements.
  • Login reliability improvements.

7th March 2019

11th February 2019

  • Data Warehousing - scalability improvements.
  • Connect - various optimisations and improvements.

29th January 2019

  • Fixed Unity SDK compilation error in newer versions of Unity. SDK v2.8.1
  • Fixed CreatePlayer in Scripting API where in certain situations could change the Player context for later calls within the script.

11th January 2019

  • Twitch integration. Link and authenticate players with their Twitch accounts, documentation.
  • SDK v2.8.0
  • Dashboard reliability improvements.

20th December 2018

  • Scheduled Events The third installment of Live Ops Campaigns, Scheduled Events make it easy to run time-limited Live Ops events in your game, such as weekend sales, special content updates, etc. See documentation.
  • Player Properties Record typed property data against a Player. New calls SetPlayerProperties and GetPlayerProperties are available See documentation.
  • Updated Segmentation Player Property segmentation available for Live Ops Campaigns.
  • GetActiveCampaigns has been updated to additionally return any Scheduled Event assignments.
  • SDK v2.7.0
  • Connect and Dashboard, scalability and reliability improvements.

12th December 2018

  • Updated Segmentation Include the ability to segment players based on install date, previous login and revenue generation. See documentation.
  • Improve performance of player search by email
  • Improve performance of IAP view
  • Fix various UI issues with Custom Charts

26th November 2018

  • Permanent Overrides has been added as the second Campaign type in Live Ops. Permanent Overrides define a set of Catalog overrides that will be applied to a Player if they match the Segmentation Criteria. Each Player can be assigned to multiple Permanent Overrides. See documentation.
  • One-Time Purchases both Real Money and Virtual Purchases can be defined as one-time purchases. New calls GetOneTimeMoneyPurchases, and GetOneTimeVirtualPurchases which return one-time definitions and their availability to the Player. New OneTimePurchaseException will be thrown when calling MakeVirtualPurchase where the one-time purchase has already been used.
  • Metrics SessionStart has been deprecated. Metrics sessions are started automatically on Player Login, which returns the MetricsAccessToken for use with other Metrics endpoints. Backwards compatibility is unaffected, no change is required for existing games.
  • Metrics GenerateUuid has been deprecated.
  • SDK v2.5.0
  • Connect, Dashboard and Metrics, scalability and reliability improvements.

31st October 2018

  • Custom Charts. Custom charts have had a major upgrade. See documentation.
  • In-app purchases are now available to select as the charted event under 'Built-in events'.
  • Filters have been added to allow filtering on event parameters and player segments.
  • It's now possible to preview a chart before saving it to the Dashboard.
  • New measure controls allow selecting the minimum, maximum, average or sum of an event parameter.
  • New Number and Table chart types have been added, allowing even more ways to visualise data.
  • Charts are now more performant when working with large data sets.
  • Fixed an issue where Realtime KPIs could report inaccurate Total values.
  • Metrics and Dashboard scalability and reliability improvements.

3rd September 2018

  • Support Scripts. A new type of Cloud Code script. Once published, support scripts are available to run on the Player view, perfect for use-cases such as, resetting player data from a buggy release, resetting player passwords, issuing currency or inventory items. See documentation.
  • Documentation has been given a new lick of paint and overhaul.
  • Connect and Dashboard scalability and reliability improvements.

24th August 2018

  • Dashboard User Permissions. In the ChilliConnect Dashboard game access can be restricted by setting permissions. Users can be Admin, or Standard types. Standard Users must have permission to access each game in the account. In addition permission can be granted as read only, or read + write. For existing accounts the user which signed up is set to Admin, all other users are Standard with read + write permission for games existing at the time of release.
  • Added OutcomeAttachment to Async Multiplayer Matches. Set up to 1mb of attachment data upon completion of a Match. The presense of an OutcomeAttachment on a completed match is indicated by the new parameter HasOutcomeAttachment in any Match response. To get OutcomeAttachment data call the new GetMatchOutcomeAttachment specifying the MatchID.
  • Collections. Added Randomize flag to the QueryCollection call. When set to true 20 random Collection Objects will be returned. Those 20 Objects are sorted as specified by the SortFields parameter.
  • SDK v2.2.0
  • Fixed an issue where Player Inventory could be returned in indeterminate order.
  • Minor Dashboard and reliability improvements.

10th August 2018

  • Realtime Analytics. Active Players, Installs and Revenue KPIs available in the Dashboard updated in realtime. Integration with AB Testing enables live inights into performance, see documentation for details.
  • Steam integration. Link and authenticate players with their Steam accounts, documentation.
  • Automatic IAP analytic recording. New game setting that will record the analytics IAP event when an IAP is successfully validated or redeemed. For backwards compatibility the setting is off for exsisting games, visit game settings to activate.
  • Delete Players and Leaderboard Scores from the Dashboard - easy to clean up debug and test data from game dashboards.
  • SDK v2.1.0

15th June 2018

  • Economy Overrides. Define overrides for any item in the game Economy for AB Tests. Overrides are seamlessly applied to a Player's Economy definitions depending on their AB Test and Test Group assignment.
  • Economy has been split into Economy and Catalog modules. Currency, Inventory and IAP redemption remain in Economy, all definitions and versioning categorised under Catalog. Various renaming and restructuring to facilitate this change. Backward compatibility is maintained for all existing games.
  • KPI integration with AB Testing.
  • Google integration. Link and authenticate players with their Google accounts, documentation.
  • SDK v2.0.0

8th May 2018

  • Device authentication. Device ID authentication is now the preferred default method of authentication on mobile devices. Easily create anonymous player accounts, and then link other authentication sources for a seamless gameplay experience. See our updated documentation.

12th March 2018

  • Unreal Blueprint SDK. Support for Unreal with the ChilliConnect Blueprint SDK. See documentation.
  • New Economy items, Unreal Mobile Patch and Zip Package. See documentation.
  • UI improvements to Economy Management UI. Improved search, and tagging making it easier than ever to manage large Economies.

26th January 2018

  • New Economy item, Custom Types. Using the JSON Schema standard Custom Types allow you to define your own economy types specific for your game. See documentation.

15th December 2017

  • New Asnychronous Multiplayer API. Including powerful and flexible matchmaking, support for both client and server authoritative multiplayer games, suitable for all types of Asynchronous Multiplayer games - including classic turn based games, offline multiplayer and parallel play. See documentation.
  • New Cloud Code module support. Share code between your Cloud Code scripts. See documentation.
  • New Cloud Code supports C#. See documentation.
  • New Cloud Code Script Events. Cloud Code Scripts can be triggered by API Calls, or System Events. See documentation.

15th November 2017

  • IAP methods available in Cloud Code Scripts.

10th October 2017

  • Add/Edit Collection objects from the Dashboard.

28th September 2017


  • Allow Indexes and Unique fields to be defined on Collections

22nd September 2017


  • View and compare Metrics segment performance with updates to the graph views.
  • Access to new Metrics KPIs data export.


  • Additional data export: KPIs. A 90 day KPI export in CSV and SQL format.
  • Sessions data export now includes all segmentation data.
  • Formatting changes to SQL exports. SQL exports can now be cumulatively updated.

21st August 2017


  • Multiplayer Photon integration. Authenticate Photon players using ChilliConnect and make use of the full ChilliConnect feature set direct from Photon webhook callbacks.
  • Economy Versioning. Edit a game economy without affecting active Players, when satisfied with changes, Publish. Players remain on the same version of the Economy for the duration of their session. Also, save time by only requesting definitions when there is a new Economy Version, and save data by downloading the Economy as a zipped package file. See documentation.
  • External Scripts. Integrate ChilliConnect with external systems by triggering Cloud Code Scripts by making and receiving HTTP calls. See documentation.
  • SDK v1.16.0


  • New Cloud Code Script type - External. External Cloud Code Scripts can be triggered by HTTP request. See documentation.
  • Make HTTP calls from Cloud Code Scripts. See documentation.
  • New Cloud Code Script type - Photon Callback. Photon Callback scripts are triggered by Photon Webhook events and provide convenient wrappers to access request and set responses. See documentation.
  • Added GeneratePhotonAccessToken call that returns a time-limited token for use with Photon authentication. See documentation.
  • Download Economy definitions in a packaged zip file.
  • Added GetDefinitionsPackage call which returns details about an Economy Version Package that can be downloaded from the provided URL.
  • Added GetEconomyVersion call that returns meta data for the latest Economy available for the game and the Economy version in use by the current session.
  • Added EconomyVersion response parameters to PlayerLogin, GetCurrencyBalance, GetInventory, and Economy GetDefinitions calls.
  • Note all Economy, and Messaging Send calls may now return an EconomyNotPublished error. This change will not affect existing games.


  • Create and edit new Script types, Photon Callback and External.
  • Edit an Economy working copy before making live by publishing.
  • Download an Economy Package.

13th July 2017


  • Automatic Metrics Collection. By default ChilliConnect will track metrics for each platform, location, device type, version and A/B test.
  • Metrics Segment Filtering. All KPIs can now be filtered by Device Type, Platform, Version and Location and compared side-by-side.
  • SDK v1.15.1


  • By default all Login methods will also start a Metrics session. This is configurable with a setting on the Dashboard.
  • New response parameter MetricsAccessToken, has been added to all Login methods - will be populated if a Metrics session is created as part of the call.


  • Filter and compare Metrics KPIs by segments.
  • New settings for automatic session start (upon login), and session refresh timeout.


  • New call RefreshSession. A new setting in the Dashboard controls the timeout which decides if an existing session is refreshed or a new session created. See the guide.
  • StartSession call accepts new optional parameters, Country, DeviceType, Platform, TestKey, TestGroupKey. See StartSession for details, and accepted values. If not given, Country will be populated using a geo-IP lookup.

19th June 2017



  • Player Messaging Tutorial showing how to integrate Facebook SDK with Player Messaging to support in game gifting.

26th April 2017


  • Added Title and Data support to Push Notifications for APNS and GCM.
  • Added Title and Data parameters to Scripting API SendToPlayer and SendToChilliConnectIds calls.
  • Note GCM push notifications are now sent as Notification or Data types depending on the payload.


  • Added support for sending a Push Notification with Title and Data parameters.
  • Added support for sending Push Notifications to Players assigned to an AB Test, an AB Test Group, or a Location (black/white list). See documentation.

21st April 2017


  • Added Sticky support for AB Tests.


  • Added Sticky support for AB Tests. If an AB Test is set to sticky, once assigned the Player will remain assigned to that Test beyond the end date. See documentation.

31st March 2017



  • Player search updated to by default populated with a list of the most recently logged in Players. Note: due to data replication this list may be a few minutes behind live.


28th March 2017


  • Player Data Attachments. Able to store up to 2MB of attachment data with each Player Data Key. See documentation, SetPlayerData, and GetPlayerDataAttachment.
  • New Push Notifications SendToChilliConnectIds call. Able to send a push notification to a list of ChilliConnectIDs from the Cloud Code. See SendToChilliConnectIds.
  • Push Notifications SendToPlayer now sends push notifications asynchronously, therefore the possible errors returned have changed. Errors 5001, 5003, and 5004 will no longer be returned.


7th March 2017


  • Edit an AB Test.
  • Able to manually assign or unassign a Player to an AB Test, or Test Group.
  • View a list of Players assigned to an AB Test Test Group.
  • Player view changes. Move Push Groups and Tokens to the Details tab.

28th February 2017


  • LiveOps AB Testing. Players will be assigned to an AB Test that they are eligible for upon CreatePlayer and Login calls.
  • New GetActiveTest call. Get a Player's currently assigned AB Test details. See GetActiveTest
  • Login calls accept new optional parameters, DeviceModel, DeviceType, Platform. See LogInUsingChilliConnect for details, and accepted values. These parameters are saved to the Player and power AB Testing segmentation criteria.
  • CreatePlayer call accepts new optional parameters, Country, DeviceModel, DeviceType, Platform. See CreatePlayer for details, and accepted values. These parameters are saved to the Player and power AB Testing segmentation criteria. If not given, Country will be populated using a geo-IP lookup.
  • GetPlayerDetails updated. Additionally returns Country, DeviceModel, DeviceType, Platform.


  • LiveOps section added. Push Notifications moved from Connect, Tests added.
  • Able to create a Test, start/end date, Player eligibility criteria and Test Group definitions. Once started, Players will be assigned to the Test upon CreatePlayer or Login calls. Once a Test has expired, a Player will be unassigned upon the next Login call.

20th February 2017



  • SDK: Made parsing responses more reliable in development.
  • SDK v1.9.4

13th February 2017


7th February 2017


  • Bug fix in the Unity SDK when running on iOS parsing an error response.
  • SDK Unity v1.9.3

26th January 2017



  • Minor documentation fixes.
  • SDK v1.9.1
  • API Explorer

16th January 2017



  • Delete a Collection.
  • Delete a Collection Object.
  • Query a Collection.


  • Minor documentation fixes.
  • SDK v1.9.0
  • API Explorer