Data Collection

The Metrics functionality of ChilliConnect allows you easily collect and track core KPIs, specific player activity, and any custom events that happen within your game.


Metrics are automatically collected for your game when logging a player in to ChilliConnect using any of the supported login methods: LogInUsingChilliConnect, LogInUsingEmail, LogInUsingFacebook, LogInUsingGameCenter, LogInUsingMobileDeviceId, LogInUsingUserName.

ChilliConnect will start a metrics session and capture the players Location, Platform, Device Type and any A/B Test and Test Group the player is currently part of. These parameters can also be manually overridden if required. You can also supply the version of the game using the AppVersion parameter.

To ensure that accurate session lengths are recorded, we recommend calling the RefreshSession method whenever a game session is resumed from a suspended or paused state, and the EndSession method when the player explicitly exits the game. EndSession will simply record an end time against the players session. RefreshSession will check for the last activity time on the current session, and if greater than a specified threshold (60 minutes by default), will consider the current session expired and create a new session. This allows you to easily handle situations in mobile games where the game is backgrounded for just a short time (perhaps the player checking a text message) before almost immediately resuming play. The threshold can be altered from the Game Settings page.

Note that because players may unexpectedly exit your game, run out of battery or even lose internet access, the Session End time is also updated every time a custom metric event is received from your game. This is a best-effort practice to ensure that majority of Sessions have a length associated with them.

By default ChilliConnect will also automatically record IAP events when an IAP is validated via the following endpoints: RedeemAmazonIap, RedeemAppleIap, RedeemGoogleIap, ValidateAmazonIap, ValidateAppleIap, ValidateGoogleIap These endpoints will also need to have LocalCost and LocalCurrency sent up as per the documentation or calls will return an error. LocalCurrency must be in ISO-4217 format.


ChilliConnect tracks several real-time metrics that provide live insight into your game. This is especially useful when a promotion from our Live Ops module goes live, or when a new build of your game is distributed.


The following Live KPIs are available:

Active Players The number of active Players in the last 30 minutes. An active Player is one that has started a session, or triggered an event within that time period.
Total Installs The number of Player accounts. This will differ from the regular KPI metric which is calculated daily.
Installs Last 24 Hours The number of new Player accounts in the last 24 hours.
Total Revenue The total IAP revenue for the game as reported through IAP redeem (if configured) or Metrics IAP events. This will differ from the regular KPI metric which is calculated daily.
Revenue Last 24 Hours The IAP revenue for the game within the last 24 hours.

Realtime metrics are automatically updated while viewing the page, the refresh interval can be configured by the control in the upper right corner.


The Dashboard tab allows you view a variety of charts that track metrics surrounding Sessions and Purchases made within your application. Your chart selection will also be maintained and displayed the next time you log in, allowing you to quickly view the information that is most relevant to where your game is in it's launch cycle.



By default, ChilliConnect will display KPIs for all players. Further breakdowns can be viewed by using the Segments drop down from the top left:

Up to six segments can be displayed at once.

Custom Events

Custom Events allow you to track any player behaviour that is specific to your game. For example, this could include when the player levels up, fails a mission or uses a particular item, it's completely up to you. You can send custom events from your game using the AddEvent method. Before sending the event, you must define the event on the Dashboard from the Events tab:

For each Event, the following properties can be specified:

Name A descriptive name for the Event
Key The Key used to identify the Event in API calls from your game
Params Up to 6 optional parameters for additional data you may wish to capture with each event

For example, if your game has a crafting element and you wanted to track what items players crafted most you could define an event called "Item Crafted", with a parameter for "Item Name".

Data Export

ChilliConnect also provides you with the option to select and download your raw Metrics Game Data through the Data Exports menu in the Dashboard in the format of Bar-Delimited Files, which look like this (the following is an example of the Sessions Export):

"111"|"BQF2jrR2UN9HYRITjNbrmA0gi0aCMOnA"|"f02545c5-ces6-12e9-af89-02a94ede9b04"|"2019-07-04"|"2019-07-03 19:59:59"|"2019-07-04 20:24:12" "111"|"QeaN8w6yeKmP13H6BHnZvYhLhizs1kwq"|"f5072ffa-ces6-12e9-9259-02f0444e1540"|"2019-07-04"|"2019-07-03 20:00:05"|"2019-07-04 23:43:14" "111"|"QW1a8exWitFNG0VkQ9Fz5LDOeUVzmnfF"|"f53ec938-ces6-12e9-8a30-065fed0b00d2"|"2019-07-04"|"2019-07-04 20:00:07"|"2019-07-04 02:51:42" "111"|"glB4avszEMmLqPwnDPEVTHQ1d8F6jZV3"|"fb287c40-ces6-12e9-a0b8-0a8b99d68ae8"|"2019-07-04"|"2019-07-04 20:00:17"|"2019-07-04 05:16:51" "111"|"bJs938C6yDFeefTI1jcDAaPfEvGz2AE1"|"fbb0c226-ces6-12e9-8f92-065fed0b00d2"|"2019-07-04"|"2019-07-04 20:00:18"|"" "111"|"f2ZajU1VCwf2COx4EmeEInNJuEoGQEmP"|"fbf9d678-ces6-12e9-a38b-06f5e9f6c168"|"2019-07-04"|"2019-07-04 12:00:17"|""


For compatibility reasons these files do not include the column names as headers, and they are always wrapped in double quotes, even the null values. We provide a list of export definitions through the AdminAPI and through the Dashboard Exports view to help with the processing of the data contained in these Exports.


The order of columns in the Export files match up to the number of items defined in the Definitions.


Automatic recording of IAPs and the refresh session threshold can both be modified from the Game Settings page: