Gifting items to players is a common use case when running a live service game. Using ChilliConnect, it's possible to gift both currency and in-game items to specific players directly or make gifts and free items available to entire player segments on a temporary or one-off basis. For example, offering players in a specific country some free currency during holiday periods.

Support Scripts

It is possible to gift items to players using ChilliConnect's support scripts. This is where you can define a purpose-built script to run on any of your players which assigns them the gifts that you want to give.

For more information on scripting with ChilliConnect, see our Player Management guide.

For Multiple Players

One Time Purchases

To make free Economy Items and Currencies available to multiple players, you can utilise the one-time purchase feature of VirtualPurchases. By defining a VirtualPurchase with zero cost and as a one-time purchase, you can effectively create and give free gifts to your player base.

ChilliConnect will track what purchases a player has already made. You can retrieve what purchases are available to individual players using the GetAvailableOneTimePurchases call.

To learn more about our purchase types, see our Economy guide.