API Explorer

The API Explorer allows you to invoke the ChilliConnect API directly from your browser, enabling you to quickly test drive the main features of ChilliConnect before integrating the full SDK in to your game. The API Explorer can also be used during development and testing for easy troubleshooting and debugging.

Getting Started

To start the API Explorer, use the "API Explorer" button from the game view.


Within the API Explorer, each ChilliConnect method is listed down the left hand side grouped by module name. By default, the API Explorer will be open on the CreatePlayer method. To start using the API Explorer you can create a new anonymous ChilliConnect player account by pressing the "CreatePlayer" button. This will return the credentials of the newly created player in the response window.


Pressing the "Log In with this Player" button will select the LogInUsingChilliConnect method and populate the form with the returned credentials. You can then press the LogInUsingChilliConnect button to log in with the newly created player. The API Explorer automatically keeps track of the currently logged in connect player and on-going metrics session, providing the AccessToken to any endpoints that require it.


To switch between previously logged in players and metrics sessions, use the drop down menus in the top right of the screen. When first opened, the API Explorer will automatically restore the last previous connect logon and metrics sessions. You can also toggle between games using the drop down in the top-left of the explorer.