The DLC feature of ChilliConnect allows you to store content and assets within ChilliConnect and then download them to your game at run time. Downloading larger files at run time, rather than bundling them all with your game, has several advantages:

  • Faster Initial Download. You can drastically reduce the initial download size of your game by downloading larger files such as textures and audio or video clips once the game has started. This means that the player can download your game faster and, if some content is not needed by the game immediately, the player can also start playing your game while the remaining content downloads.

  • Only Download What You Need. As well as making the initial download of your game faster, you can also limit the total size of files that need to be downloaded by only retrieving those that are required. For example, in a mobile game, rather than downloading textures for low, medium and high resolution devices, you can check at runtime what type of device you are running on and download only the textures required for that device.

  • Post Release Updates. DLC doesn't just have to be for assets, it can also be used to manage game meta data and content information as well. Rather than having to release new builds of your game to add additional content, you can develop your game in such a way that it will periodically query ChilliConnect to see if any new content is available, and if so, to download and save that on the device.

DLC is managed in the Catalog through Zip Packages and Unreal Mobile Patches.